Edane - Satu

Rock Show 1 Year ago

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Info & Statistik

Edane - Satu
  • Judul: Edane - Satu
  • Video oleh: Rock Show
  • Waktu putar: 05:21
  • Ukuran: 4.9MB
  • Audio: 44,1 kHz, Stereo, 128 kb/s, MP3
  • Dirilis: 1 Year ago
  • Diperbarui: 20 jam yang lalu

Lirik Lagu

[Verse 1]
I live in a box
My name is Colonel Speak n Spell but the veterans of science call me Donavexx cause of uncommon text
My favourite albums are dark and in Pat Benatar
Before I made these raps I wanted to be a tennis star
My friends said I needed a fake rap name so I said
Here's some fake shoes, don't ya feet feel good?
MC's mow my lawn because I'm the man like repo
No one believes you when I said I would grow up to battle Stezo
Wear my hats like Devo
Send death threats to Joe Clair
My flavour's edible like sandwiches with no hair
I give competition the annoying treatment by calling their house every 5 minutes until they change their address
I'm pen and pad-less so I write rhymes on cassette
When I step on the court I wear the headband like Bill Walton
My girl's got the moustache just like Andre Dawson
I'll order 30 cheeseburgers and leave without napkins

[Verse 2]
My idea of thrills is ordering 734 CDs from Columbia House and not paying the bill like a champion
I'm tamperin
With the notion of alienating all my friends by telling them I'm the Death Slime Evaporator
I had to take a Kenny G album cover to the hair stylists
Show her what kind of haircut I wanted exactly
I asked thee
Professor at my fashion school why David Bowie
Had two different colour eyes
My rhymes go to Yale
Your rhymes go to community college struggling with a 2.3 Grade Point Average
2.3 years ago I made a salad out of fish eggs
Now when I put a lightbulb in my mouth that Uncle Fester shit happens
I quit rapping in 1987
Now I'm on the comeback tour with the Carter Family, D-Nice and Abba opening for my group
I am the king of weird rap, do I make myself clear?

Yeah, this is Donavexx
Imma fuckin spray my fightjuice on all you bitch MCs
For the near 1945
Yes, yes
I'm chilling in the labatory with the Spacemouse
And my man fuckin George Wallace is on the wheels of steel
So everyone eat a fuckin Vegemite sandwich

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